The Moon Clock Software Published at last

The Moon Clock  has been soak-tested for a month now and seems to be running as designed.  So you can download it from the link below.

moon-clock-with-azimuth positioner18-08-18

Note that it has been given a file type of .txt (text).  If it is stored as a .py file, which is an executable file type, spam filters will  prevent it from downloading, as a precaution in case it contains malicious code.

As it is, you can review the code NotePad, or better in any code editor, such as NotePad++, which will colour the code to help you to follow its structure.

You will need to change the file type to .py in order for NotePad ++ or the IDLE interface in the Raspberry Pi, to be able to recognise it as Python code.  You can’t run it until you change the file type.

The code is fully commented and is fully described in my blog and on the Moon Clock Software page.  I hope it will be of interest and look forward to any (positive) feedback.

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