BT Bills

I’ve just received by BT bill and as expected by changing from quarterly payment plan to monthly total billing, I’ve gone from being in debit to being £200 in credit, plus a lower monthly payment!

My broadband speeds are 37.5 Mbps downsteam and 10 Mbps upstream. The guarantee a minimum downstream speed of 37 Mbps but say that my estimated download speed is 42 to 61 Mbps.  In fact, the street cabinet is getting on for a mile away, so I think their estimated speeds are rather optimistic anyway.  In the past I’d had a lot of trouble with reliability, but it was only when my phone rang non-stop that they looked into it and found a stray wire in a street cabinet causing an intermittent short-circuit.  Mind you, before they would look into it, they warned me of a hefty charge if the problem was in my house wiring!

Today I got an advertising leaflet from Sky that was enticingly cheap until I saw the pathetic speeds they were offering.  There is Virgin Media fibre in my street, so I checked that out as well.  I can get 100 Mbps for £49/month (after the first year discount) plus some TV channels.  Maybe I should look into this further.

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