Fake DHL message scam

I’ve just sent an item abroad using the DHL courier service, which is expensive but reliable – these days there are more hurdles than ever to sending items abroad, including customs tariffs, so it is essential to use a firm that will handle it properly.

Then I got a text purporting to be from DHL giving a tracking link.  Since I use DHL a lot, this didn’t look like their usual message, particularly as the URL looked odd.  And not long after I got another similar text with a different URL.

I’d already decided that the message was dodgy and I used my official order number and went directly to the DHL tracking site to check on the progress of my item.  Now I’ve read that there are thousands of these texts going out and if you log into the supplied URL, you are encouraged to install an app which contains a virus that replicates the message to everyone in your contact list. it is said to be effectively a ‘denial of service’ attack.  Sadly we are now at the stage where the bigger the company, the less you can be sure that messages are genuine.

I was even suspicious of an email from BT telling me that my phone line was going digital.  Since it is not asking me to do anything, I’m pretty sure it is genuine, especially as it is highly unlikely that a scammer could have correctly guessed some of the information in the email.

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