Adding an RSS feed to a WordPress site

An RSS feed lets people subscribe to the blogs on your website, without having to open their web browsers to see what’s new. They say that RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’.   I don’t understand that term, but it’s how to use it that matters.

WordPress automatically generates an RSS feed for every blog that you write.  It’s important to realise that an RSS feed is not an email generator – it does not send emails to subscribers.   You have to subscribe to the feed by entering its address into an RSS reader, including Microsoft Outlook, which has an RSS reader built in.

WordPress has a built-in RSS ‘widget’ that lets you put an RSS feed onto your website from either your own or any other website.  I have added a feed from my own website into the left-hand sidebar.

Not only does this give a quick summary of my latest blogs, but users can copy the URL of the feed from the sidebar and add it to their own RSS reader, so they’re always up to date. Quite neat.

My feed is at:

It is worth mentioning that by default, WordPress only updates the RSS feed once every 12 hours by default, although I understand that when customising your Theme (not the Widget) you can usually change this.

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